Google Chrome for Android is getting a very useful feature that will make it easier to navigate through multiple tabs.

If you are like most people, you probably have a ton of tabs open right now on your browser and navigating between these tabs is not an easy thing. On Chrome for Android, Google uses a card-style interface that has been alright but can be hectic to use if you have so many open tabs. Navigating between the different tabs is frustrating but this may be fixed with the introduction of tab grouping.

With tab groups, there will be no excessive scrolls just to find the page you want. The feature is available on chrome and is sort of hidden but you can activate it by following this link chrome://flags/#enable-tab-groups. Enable the first option (tab groups) and restart Chrome twice. You will now be able to access tab groups when you tap on the ‘open tabs’ option next to the address bar.

You can group pages into tabs by long-pressing a link and you will get a number of option including opening link in a new tab and “Open in new tab group”. With this, grouping different web pages into one tab will be easy. This will allow easy navigation between different pages as each page will be displayed at the bottom of the page as a favicon.

When you tap to see the number of tabs open, you will see the tab groups and each will have the total number of tabs that are inside the group. Tapping on the group opens and expanded screen allowing you to navigate through different pages.

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