Google’s overhauled streaming dongle, available to buy in stores and online now in the US, transforms the gadget into what could be a legit competitor to Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Google unveiled a new 2000NGN (£60, AU$99, $50) Chromecast streaming device Wednesday, dubbed Chromecast with Google TV, in a revamp of its bare-bones TV dongle to better suit the streaming world’s radical changes in the four years since its $70 Chromecast Ultra came out.

The new Chromecast is already available to buy in the US, including in Google’s online store and at other retailers, and it’s going to widen to more countries before the end of the year — though specific release dates weren’t clear. It adds both a remote control and a tailor-made interface called Google TV. And like its predecessor, Chromecast Ultra, it supports 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR.

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