FirstWave provides cybersecurity to CSquared’s Moja Access in 4 African countries

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Cyber security firm FirstWave has signed a three-year partner agreement with Moja Access, a pan-African technology company that is part of the CSquared Group.

FirstWave Cloud Technology is an ASX-listed, Australian-headquartered cyber-security-as-a-service company with presence on five continents.

Its Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP) enables service provider partners to deliver a range of security services to their customers ‘as-a-service’.

This provides economies-of-scale and efficiencies that enable the provision of a range of security services typically only affordable by very large customers with dedicated cybersecurity resources, the company says: “We refer to this as democratising enterprise-grade cyber security-as-a-service”.

“A vast number of MSMEs [micro, small and medium enterprises] and Internet users across Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Liberia can now be protected on CSquared’s network from cyber intruders, on a consumption basis, at an affordable monthly price,” the two companies say in a statement.

In the initial phase of this partnership, FirstWave deployed its recently debuted FirstCloud WebProtect DNS platform for each of the four territories for use by CSquared’s operating companies and level 2 partners.

These partners and their end-customers will get the Web security solution as part of their Internet service on an ‘opt-out’ basis.

CSquared operates fibre and last-mile WiFi networks in several cities across the four African nations, with more than 40 mobile operators and ISPs depending on its infrastructure for serving their mobile consumers and corporate customers.

These four countries had over 10 million MSMEs and over 70 million Internet users at the end of last year.

Neil Pollock, CEO of FirstWave, says he is pleased to welcome Moja Access as his company’s eighth level-one partner.

“CSquared is a fast-growing pan-African service provider backed by two large global corporations, Google and Mitsui & Co. It already delivers robust fibre connectivity and Internet access to thousands of end-customers via its 40-plus mobile operator and ISP clients,” he ends.

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