Google has announced new features to make Pixel smarter from Locked Folders to short videos in astrophotography.


Using astrophotography in Night Sight, users can create videos of the stars moving across the sky all during the same exposure. Once the picture in Night Sight has been captured, both the photo and video will be saved in the camera roll. This feature is available on Pixel 4 and newer phones.

June – Pride Month

Pride events across many parts of the world kick-off in June, and Pixel has new wallpapers and ringtones to celebrate. Pixel will be introducing three bold wallpaper designs created exclusively for Pixel by Ashton Attzs as well as Pride-themed ringtones and notifications created by other LGBTQ+ artists and YouTube creators.

More privacy, more safety

Photos and videos that need a little extra privacy — like pictures of an upcoming gift for a loved one, or screenshots of your recent receipts — can be saved in a Locked Folder. Pictures can be saved straight from the camera and they won’t show up in shared albums, Memories or any other apps on the device. The pictures can only be accessed using your device passcode or fingerprint.

Car crash detection

Pixel users in Spain, Ireland and Singapore will now have car crash detection capabilities in the Personal Safety app. The feature can help detect if a driver has been in a severe accident and will check in to see if the person is fine.

If there’s no response, Pixel can automatically call emergency responders and share the location and other relevant details. Car crash detection is already available in the UK, Australia and the US.

The feature is dependent on network connectivity and other factors..

With the new Heads Up feature inside Digital Wellbeing settings, Pixel can detect when a person is walking and periodically remind them to look up from the screen.

Your Pixel keeps getting smarter

When the device is ringing but isn’t within reach, users can answer or reject a call with Google Assistant.

With a smarter Gboard, users can copy text that includes a phone number, email address or URL and they will see those key snippets of text suggested in the clipboard.

They can also be dropped into places like Messages to share contact information quickly, or Maps to get started on your road trip faster.

In Japan, users can now Call Screen, which helps avoid spam calls by answering unknown numbers.

Recorder, the app that transcribes audio into text so you can search, edit and share your recordings, will be available in more English dialects including Singaporean, Australian, Irish and British English. The Recorder expansion will roll out to all Pixel 3 or newer phones by the end of July.

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