Gov’t urged to deploy technology in slapping spot fines on traffic offenders

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[sg_popup id=”32078″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AppsNMobile Technology Software Development Company, Richard Bansah, is urging government to consider deploying technology in the administration of spot fines to generate enough from wayward road users.

Speaking on the Business Edition on the Citi Breaksfast Show, Mr. Bansah said there is huge revenue to be made from indiscipline on the road if government deploys efficient and cheap technology in its revenue mobilization drive.

“We have not been employing or deploying instant fines because we don’t seem to trust that if you pay the police instant fines on the road, it is going to end up in the coffers of government. But the Technology exists for a policeman to dial a short code, for example, enter the car registration number, enter the driver’s phone number and enable him to send the fine.”

“We can push from fines, road traffic offenses, over speeding and everything else, so when the policeman that is going to make you pay the fine enters your details, all he needs to do is enter your phone number to send you the prompt, and you know what to pay so the money is sent straight to government’s coffers,” he said.

Mr. Bansah said the technology would allow the government real-time access to how much money is being generated from the police’s law enforcement operations, and would also provide a means of checking corruption where spot fines are not accounted for.


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