Gozem and Total collaborate to offer cashless payments for drivers in Togo

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Gozem, an African transport app, and Total Togo has announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership. Through this agreement, Gozem’s partner-drivers in Togo will have access to Total cards linked to their Gozem digital wallets.

This partnership facilitates access to high-quality petroleum products and professional vehicle-servicing, improving vehicle performance, driver productivity and passenger safety.

As a result, these drivers can directly use their Gozem earnings to buy fuel and related products, and professionally service their vehicles at all Total Togo service stations without cash.

According to the company, thousands of trips are completed by hundreds of drivers on the Gozem platform, via motorcycles, auto-rickshaws and cars every day. Through this partnership, Gozem and Total hope to create value in Togo’s transport sector by facilitating driver access to high-quality petroleum products and services, improving vehicle performance and longevity, driver productivity, and passenger safety.

Also, by being able to carry out cashless transactions, drivers avoid various risks associated with the transport of cash.

“This partnership with Total Togo is yet another example of Gozem’s commitment to supporting and creating value for our partner-drivers. We’re proud to help our partner-drivers improve their safety and productivity,” says Jean-Martial Moulaud, Country Manager of Gozem Togo.

For Frédéric Rivière, General Manager of Total Togo, says, “This collaboration is a great opportunity for Total to create material links with Gozem’s partner-drivers in Lomé. Together, we want to create a synergy allowing us to support Gozem’s drivers by offering them quality services every time, preserving their working tools.”

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