Kenya is one of the 10 African countries that has been earmarked for the establishment of hyperscale data centres in the continent. Africa Data Centres is the company behind the project which is expected to cost more than $500 million.

Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt are among the countries picked for the hyperscale data centres project. The initiative will run over the next two years and will be funded by leading development finance institutions and multilateral organizations.

Africa Data Centres CEO, Mr Stephane Duproz said, “We have already begun to acquire land in these countries and plan to roll-out very quickly to meet the needs of our existing and new customers. This is just the beginning for us.”

The expansion project by Africa Data Centres will boost various industries in the African continent such as banking, insurance, fintech, hyperscale cloud providers and the public sector.

“Data centres are digital ecosystems, acting as magnets to organizations – and as the digital ecosystem grows within the data centre, so the local economy grows in the real world. The impact of a data centre is long-lasting, with immediate job creation stemming from the physical build and enduring economic growth once operational,” added Mr Stephane Duproz.

Africa Data Centres is the continent’s largest network of data centres with strategically located world-class facilities.

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