Mobile Web Ghana and its partners are gearing up to host this year’s Africa Digital Skills Conference happening in July.

The three-day conference dubbed: “Digital Skills for future jobs,” will be held in the Bank of Ghana Conference Hall, at the University of Ghana.

It is expected to provide opportunities for students, entrepreneurs, institutions and the youth in Ghana and Africa.

Activities included are; learning basic digital skills such as email management and using excel, discovering new technologies in data science, artificial intelligence and geospatial technologies.

There will also be interactions on intermediate skills such as social media for small and medium sized businesses.

The conference is aimed at promoting teaching and learning of digital skills across Africa and will also help to develop a common vision on needed digital skills, challenges faced by people in the field and ways to overcome them.

Director of Mobile Web Ghana, Florence Toffa, told the Ghana News Agency, “it will create a platform for a digital skills network and connections as well as building a solid digital foundation for Africa’s economies.”

She said there would be exhibition of educational materials, technology innovations, job opportunities and career counselling.

An International Finance Corporation (IFC) report showed that over nine million jobs in Ghana would require digital skills by 2030, translating to about 20 million training opportunities, according to research done by the GNA.

The revenue opportunity size across Sub-Saharan Africa in digital skilling is also $130 billion through to 2030.

The opportunities in Ghana alone presents nearly $4 billion potential revenue through to 2030.

The biggest opportunities are also in business-to-business and business-to-government training for basic and intermediate skills.

Additionally, there are also significant opportunities in business-to-consumer skilling focused on intermediate and advanced skills.

Mrs Toffa therefore urged the public to get involved in the conference through or call Africa Digital Skills on +233-542-951337.

Mobile Web Ghana is a technology and entrepreneurship hub focused on developing and nurturing the youth and organisations to leverage on technology to solve local problems in communities and at work.


They run capacity building programmes, ICT-for-development projects, Open Data related projects, geo-spatial data collection, entrepreneurship training, have co-working spaces and incubation spaces among others.

Source: GNA

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