Few weeks after raising $1.2m seed funding and acquiring Ghanaian Stabus, mobility startup, Plentywaka has announced today that it is changing its name to Treepz. The name change will take place with immediate effect.

According to a statement by the mobility company, the move presents an opportunity to align the company name with its Pan-African expansion plan. It will also better represents the vision of the company which is to build the largest shared mobility platform across Africa.

Speaking on the importance of the new name, CEO, Onyeka Akumah said that his team had been looking for a globally acceptable name for the last 6 months in a bid to create the right kind of positive emotions around bus trips on the African continent.

“This name change is a result of in-depth discussions with our stakeholders, partners and staff. After we discovered that the term “WAKA” can mean different things across Africa, which may be completely different from travel or movement, we decided to change the name from ‘Plentywaka’ to ‘Treepz’ which is pronounced as ‘Trips’

CEO of Treepz Inc., Onyeka Akumah

The name Treepz embodies everything that happens on the road, travelling across cities, within cities and it gives a cool vibe to the experience, he added.

As part of the name change, Treepz has released a new company logo. Its existing mission statement and “black & yellow” brand colours will also be retained for marketing and branding purposes.

Its core service offerings will remain the same but with new names: daily Treepz (previously daily waka), travel Treepz (previously travel waka) and corporate Treepz (previously travel waka).

Onyeka explained that the new name boldly states the company’s mission to provide safe, convenient and comfortable trips across Africa with plans for an expansion to 6 countries in 2 years.

Onyeka also said that already existing users won’t have to take any action as the new app will automatically force an update to the new Treepz experience in Africa.

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