The Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem and the Government of Ghana have announced the Ghana-Oracle Digital Enterprise Program, a new collaborative effort to support technology-enabled startups and entrepreneurs across Ghana.

The Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, Oracle’s program for entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide, has committed to support 500 local startups through access to Oracle Cloud technology, mentoring and workshops, and business-enablement and support resources.

Jason Williamson, vice president, Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem said the program will support 500 local startups, either B2B or B2C startups and connect them with executives and resources such as Oracle’s marketing and customer ecosystems to further boost their business

“The technology and business ingenuity coming out of Africa is exciting and inspiring,” said Jason Williamson, vice president, Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem. “Collaborating with government and President Akufo-Addo is an excellent way to provide immediate impact and support for hundreds of innovators across the country of Ghana as we look to expand our commitment to more entrepreneurs and startups in Africa.”

Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem is a unique acceleration program for startups that puts the vast technology and business resources of Oracle behind emerging businesses to help them scale and succeed. The global program, which does not take equity, serves startups at scale by enabling next-generation growth, business development, and drives cloud-based ingenuity for startups, our customers, and Oracle-creating a virtuous cycle of innovation.

Startups around the globe have benefited from the business-enablement and support resources that the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem provides:

“Oracle’s startup program has been invaluable for Snap Tech because they understand our needs and have resources to help scale our technology and grow our business. They are a fantastic group of people truly invested in our company’s growth.” – Jenny Griffiths, Founder and CEO, Snap Tech, a UK-based member of the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem

The new program in Ghana underscores the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem’s commitment to reaching startups around the world. The Ghana-Oracle Digital Enterprise Program will kick off with an event hosted by Oracle and the Government of Ghana in early April. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and the program will spread to regions across Ghana.

“We are on a journey toward increasing the application of science, technology and innovation in the development of our economy, society and our country, and it’s a priority of this government,” said Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana. “The startup ecosystem will enhance the growth of our budding technology sector and should spur a wave of innovative ideas from entrepreneurs that will provide solutions to local and global challenges and provide digital jobs for the ever increasing young population.”

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