TECNO is reportedly working on a smartphone with a retractable telescopic lens, which is first of its kind in the World.

The giant manufacturing smartphone company stated that the new smartphone with telescopic macro lens is expected to arrive later this year, 2022.

Towards this goal, the smartphone maker went ahead and introduced the world’s first telescopic macro lens claimed to not only improve the quality of macro pictures but also the whole experience of taking them.

The smartphone features a telephoto macro lens that extends from the body and allows you to take close-up shots without having to get too close to the subject.

It offers 5x optical zoom on top of which, the company claims the end result is comparable to the main camera’s image.

It is a piece of fascinating innovation that has not been seen before with the current macro cameras.

The camera technology will also allow for a bigger aperture, crucial for taking good photos.

TECNO added that the camera design is moderately compact and won’t require large housing, but failed to provide specifics.

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