Uplogix, Networks Unlimited Africa collaborate to enable ROBOs

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Uplogix, Networks Unlimited Africa collaborate to enable ROBOs:

Remote offices/branch offices (ROBOs) need complex infrastructure since they involve rural locations and distances, mostly with weak connectivity, which can be troublesome for the digitally transforming organizations that wish for its satellite offices to be cloud-based.

Luckily though, the development of satellite, SD-WAN, 4G, hyper-converged infrastructure and backup technology is letting ROBO sites become a smoother extension of the organization.

CEO at value-added distributor, Networks Unlimited Africa, Anton Jacobsz had this to say, “Even with the expansion of robust connectivity options for ROBO sites, these locations must still overcome single points of network infrastructure failure and limited management visibility and control, as well as a lack of on-site technical staff ensuring high IT service levels. Routine maintenance tasks often require a site visit and outages are common, leading to high support costs and downtime incidents.”

“The benefits of out-of-band management are reduced downtime and achieving network service level agreement (SLA) goals. Innovative out-of-band systems automate onsite capabilities for configuration management, including bare-metal restoration of failed network devices and roll-back of errant configuration changes.”

Lisa Frankovitch, Uplogix CEO, added. “This is key during an outage, when security processes are often disregarded and thereby expose the company to greater risks. Innovative out-of-band management also aids in network recovery after a cyber breach. Recovering from a data breach is very expensive, quantified by the Ponemon Institute as costing organisations an average of $4M and taking nine months for recovery.”

Source: jbklutse.com

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