What We Know About The “New” ECG Power App

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Today, the official ECG app was unveiled and rolled out to customers. The app which gives customers the ability to buy prepaid and postpaid credit for their electricity meters.

Dubbed the “ECG Power App”, it’s currently available on the Google Playstore as well as the iOS Store.

Here’s what we know about the new ECG Power app so far:

It’s Not Really “New”

Current PDS app in the Google Playstore

The ECG Power App has been available on the respective Android and iOS stores for some time, albeit in “beta testing”. The new ECG Power app is more of an official unveiling and now has the ability for users to buy pre-paid credit.

The Prepaid Feature Only Works With Specific Prepaid Meters



In order to purchase prepaid credit, customers would need to have specific meters which have the “Smart” Prepaid Feature. Currently, if your meter is still using the NFC card and doesn’t have the Smart feature, you can’t purchase prepaid credit through the app.

It Supports All Postpaid Meters


The app currently supports the purchase of post paid credit for post paid meters. You can also add both a post paid and prepaid meter to the app.

You Can Check Power Consumption On The App

Monitoring Usage
Monitoring Usage


The app has the ability for consumers to check their current consumption on the app the app. Once a user had added their specific meter, they can get the meter information including power consumption and credit balance.

You Can Make Purchases On The App With Mobile Money

Payment Platform
Payment Platform

The app currently supports the purchase of credit via mobile money with MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo as payment options.

That’s what we know so far about the ECG Power App. It’s not necessarily “new” but it does seem to do the function it was intended to do.

If you notice any features we haven’t mentioned, you can drop them in the comment section.

Source: technovagh.com

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